• WET’SUWET’EN Pendant •
For indigenous communities fighting for their rights to protect their own land, I made these raindrop pendants with “WET” engraved in them, short for Wet’Suwet’En.

When I was at Concordia minoring in First Peoples Studies, I learned of how the land was taken from indigenous communities all over the world centuries and decades ago. And here I am, witnessing it in real life, not far from home.

Indigenous communities have preserved the land and rivers for as long as they’ve been on this Earth. As they fight for their rights to protect THEIR OWN LAND from being destroyed for corporate greed, I wondered how can I help and where are the major corporations in all this? So I decided, I might be small, but I can try. So here, all profits made from this pendant will be sent to the Unist’ot’en Camp.

We all have a right to clean water. And the Wet’suwet’en, indigenous communities and environmental activists are fighting for everyone.

Standing Strong.