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About the Artist


Having been attracted to the movement of the spiral for as long as I can remember, my jewelry is strongly inspired by the symbolism behind it. A spiral is a continuous movement of rebirth, evolution, and expansion. I see life itself like a spiral, that all is continuous and everything is impermanent. My creations find uniqueness from each other through the simple fact that I am, also, ever-changing. While the gritty and rogue part of me is portrayed in the imperfect, raw and bold pieces, the tame and timid part of me is depicted by the minimalist and inconspicuous pieces. I find inspiration in the myths, stories, and symbolism found in different cultures across the world, and in the creations of Mother Earth and all living beings. I am in constant awe of Her creations with which I have the pleasure to work with. I have developed a particular interest in the power of the sacred feminine, which I believe lies in all living beings, and has thus inspired a large majority of my artwork. I dare to free the wild woman in me, and I hope my creations inspire you to do the same.

- Kieve Pauzé-Huang

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