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Welcome to KIEVE Jewelry!

I design, create, and make all of my jewelry by hand in Montreal, Quebec. The YONI Collection and the Umbilical Cord pendants are at the center of my passion. The YONI Collection is made to inspire and educate people around the world, to open dialogue about topics that are considered taboo, and to help bring more acceptance, compassion and understanding into the world. The Umbilical Cord pendants are custom-made pendants that unify the eternal bond between a mother and child during the pregnancy. I am eternally grateful for the trust in which my clients offer me to deliver them such a special maternity keepsake. 

If you wish to have a custom piece made, please send me an email in the "Contact" section.

Thank you for coming into my world, it's a wild one, but it's beautiful!

Kieve Pauzé-Huang

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